What our clients say


Serial Entrepreneur

We have not hired a Consulting firm prior to working with Prash, and we did not know what to exactly expect. Prash was well organized and had a very coherent way of thinking and approaching problems, which made the collaboration very productive. Communication was always prompt, and projects were run and managed in a very efficient way. In dealing with Prash, we were able to leverage and take advantage of his large network of business partners, associates and services providers. Overall the results exceeded our expectations.It was a true pleasure working with Prash and his team.

Nancy Guo

E-commerce entrepreneur & Life Coach

I hired Prash to do consultation for my business, he is very experienced in e-commerce and was managing many 7 figure e-commerce stores earlier. He gave me a lot of amazing ideas on how I can do my business differently & in a more efficient way. At first, I couldn’t even believe talent like Prash existed who had so much experience and who could do 40 hours of work in 10 hours.  The job was finished way better than what I expected and he is extremely smart, experienced, and very attentive to details. What I really liked about him is that he is a man of his word and he really took total responsibility of all the tasks. I wish I had found him earlier in my business; I would have saved quite an amount of money and resources if I had a consultant like him.

Jim B

Advertising& Marketing Startup CEO

Prash played an instrumental role during our startup phase in terms of strategy definition and helping us achieve practical execution. He was involved with me in most key aspects of the business right from research, to business framework development, to setting up tools & processes,to heading the Operations function completely. He is both insightful and reliable and we would wholeheartedly recommend Prash and Blukayak Business Consulting to startups and other businesses.

Phil & Yakir

E-Commerce entrepreneurs

Prash came into our e-commerce company when things were a big mess. He helped us to turn things around very quickly in a time that was quite urgent and challenging for us. The whole business process transformation allowed us to focus on business growth as the operations were smoother than they have ever been for us. Prash is reliable and takes care of things quickly and intelligently. His experience in managing an e-commerce team is impeccable. Prash thinks holistically about the business and creates end to end project management strategies which allows us to comfortably experiment, scale horizontally without worrying  about management issues. My partner and I can highly recommend him for any e-commerce related projects.

Olivier M

E-Commerce Business Owner

Prash has been a central part of our ecommerce business selling on Amazon as well as our own ecommerce website. Us working together meant that I could slowly step out of the business and give more and more tasks away. He took every challenge with open hands and always found a way to make it happen. At the same time, he isn't afraid to speak up and let me know when he thinks I missed something or he has a good idea himself. I've been very lucky to be able to hire Prash as he made the business run smoothly and efficiently. You can count on Prash!